🧠 Clarity is the Ultimate Growth Hack for Startup Founders

Book a 30-min clarity call with me to brainstorm ideas, chat about startups, newsletters or growth strategy, get targeted feedback or pretty much anything else!

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Are you an early-stage startup founder and feeling stuck?

Being a solo-founder can be lonely without a co-founder or team to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

Are you looking for feedback on a specific idea or unsure about which one to pursue?

Maybe you're struggling to grow your newsletter and don't know where to start? Need help finding sponsors or better ways to monetize it?

Or maybe all you need is some brutally honest feedback...

Book a
1:1 strategy call with Jaisal and get the clarity you need to move forward in the right direction.

Here are some ideas on how I can help you...

Brainstorm business ideas, get advice and feedback.

🚀 Growth Strategy for newsletters, how to get started, finding your first 1,000 subscribers, the best platforms and tools, monetization and finding sponsors, etc.

🐣 Growth and conversion strategies for early-stage startups, launch strategy, finding your first customers, etc.

🎯 Targeted feedback on your website, landing page, email copy, value proposition.

or anything else you're struggling with...

👋 Hey there!
I'm Jaisal Rathee. Here's a quick TLDR on me:
  • 6x successful startup exits.
  • Built and sold a micro-startup in 30 days.
  • Exited my previous newsletter in 2022. Watch my interview with Andrew of Acquire.com here.
  • Grown my newsletter network from scratch to over 30,000+ subscribers in just over 6 months.
  • Now writing Startups.fyi, Internet is Beautiful, and Daily Dose of Startups among others.
  • Find me on Twitter.